Dimora Maio

Discover Monopoli

The Trajan Way and the Farms

A half-day itinerary, touring by bicycle or car, which provides a visit to the farms and archaeological findings along the coast of Monopoli.

Boat excursions

On board a turkish gull or a gozzo, a motorboat or a catamaran, a boat or a sailboat …. For a trip to the Polignano caves or to see the dolphins that live in the waters of Monopoli, that of the sea is the most striking road to take.

The Old Town

A few steps between history, culture and tradition. The historic center of Monopoli is very extensive. But the balance of the squares, streets and lanes that welcome ancient palaces and houses, religious and civil buildings, seems to bridge all distances. Cultural and historical assets add to the value of traditions,[…]

The Monopoly of Museums, Churches and Castles

In order to breathe a more cultural air, it is recommended to visit the churches and museums of the historic center that preserve the treasures of the city and its millenary history, influenced by the succession of domination and artistic and architectural alterations. Among the recommended visits, city symbols: the[…]